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Colonialism began with conquest and is today maintained by a settler administration created out of the doctrine of cultural hierarchy, a hierarchy in which European Americans and whiteness dominate non-European Americans and darkness. As a result, we live in a country where race prejudice, in the words of Fanon, obeys a flawless logic. For, after all, if inferior peoples must be exterminated, their cultures and habits of life, their languages and customs, their economies, indeed, every difference about them must be assaulted, confined, and obliterated. There must be a dominant culture and therefore a dominant people, a dominant religion, a dominant language, a dominant legal system, a dominant educational system, and so on, and so on. In other words, there must be dominance and subordination.

In a colonialist country such as the United States, white hegemony delineates this hierarchy. Thus, white people are the dominant group. Christianity is the dominant religion, capitalism is the dominant economy, militarism is the dominant form of diplomacy and the force underlying international relations. Violence is thus normal, and race prejudice, like race violence, is as American as apple pie.

—Haunani-Kay Trask, from “The Color of Violence” (via hypocrite-lecteur)

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50 Cent and Alicia Keys’ latest song “New Day” gives off an inspirational feeling. I love the chorus - it’s a great dance song that makes you want to get up and bounce around with your hands in the air.

Britney Spears brings lots of laughter to The X Factor. I laugh repeatedly every time she tells a performer ‘no’. She surely has a lively, and humorous personality. I love her bluntness.

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Don’t Wake Me Up

Laughter fills the library as I sit here trying to focus on my school work, yet I’m distracted and jealous of the close relationships that are forming around me. I thought it would be an easy transition moving to a new city, but it has been one of the hardest things that I have had to endure in my life. I can honestly say that I have never felt more lonely. This may sound cliche, but here I am in a large city with vast amounts of people and yet I feel completely alone.

What makes it even more difficult is the dissipating relationships back in my home state. I thought that people would try to stay in contact with me - but I guess the saying “out of sight, out of mind” stands true. I have attempted to call a few of my friends back at home… and I’m still waiting for that return phone call. While studying, and researching, I have found a correlation between positive social relationships/social support and the success one has in life/career.

Since I have moved for school I have realized that I’m sleeping more, which can relate to loneliness, and/or depression, which I highly doubt I have a severe form of, yet I find myself not wanting to wake up in the morning. My dreams have been so amazing that it makes me not want to awake from them. In my dreams I have a wonderful partner, a caring family, and a strong social support system… but when I wake up to the bright sun in the morning I realize that it is all a false reality. I grab my morning apple, 20 ounce bottle of Coca-cola, and head out the door and back to the daily grind.

San Francisco, I Love You River Deep, Mountain High

As I sit here in the public library, I think to myself over the loud music that is soaring through my ears about the opportunities that San Francisco are about to bring me. Many people are consumed to their small, obsolete hometown, and never venture out of their comfort zone to experience something new - something unknown.

The unknown can be quite the scary place. I was reading a quote that someone posted on Facebook earlier and it dealt with which road to take. The person in the story did not know which way they wanted to go, or which road they wanted to go down, and their friend said to them “then it doesn’t matter which road you take.” All day I was thinking about the quote and how much sense it makes. If you are confused or are unsure about which road to take, then in the end it doesn’t matter which route you end up taking - both routes will be unknown and grey. The future is grey, many people like to think that it is simple black and white, yet tomorrow is never promised. They say you can only count on two things - taxes, and death. Here we are as people worried about where we are going in life and what is the best way to get to where we would like to be, yet in the end it does not matter. It is vital to just go down a road and see where it takes you, especially a road that is less traveled, even with a few bumps and turns. In the end, it will teach you more about yourself and help aide in the way to self discovery and self meaning.

San Francisco is the road that I’m taking. I’ve been here a week and it surely has tested my limits and brought new light to different situations. I have realized that public transportation is much quicker, and more cost efficient, I have also found a love for this beautiful rose garden that I live near. It’s the most relaxing and tranquil place that I have been in a long time. My good friend took me to the rose garden the other evening and we just sat there in peace. We shared great laughs, and enjoyed the fresh smells that were sweeping by our nostrils.

Till next time, remember - take a long, bumpy, unclear road than just settling for a dead end.

Great idea for something sweet, and warm. Forget baking a pie, this is a cool way of switching it up and thinking outside of the box.

Test it out.

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Beginning The Journey In San Francisco

After a long flight from Detroit to San Francisco, I finally made it to the city and have settled in. In the airport I bought a drink called “Dream Water” which ended up making me incoherent on the entire airplane ride, it also made it difficult for me to even walk through the airport with my five luggage bags. The funny thing is, I only drank half of the bottle, but it did do what it said - I was knocked out as if I was in an induced coma for five hours.

Upon rest, I ventured off into the city to explore the sites and get reacquainted with the city life, and to locate where all the good clothing stores were. The city had changed so much in just four years, but thankfully for the better. There are more clothing stores, better eateries, and even more people than what I remember.

Yesterday I was eating a good ol’ slice of California pizza and all of a sudden a large pigeon fell from the sky and plopped on the ground right in front of me. It began to twitch as if it was having a seizure, and slowly but surely took its last breath and died. I was in such a state of shock that I had no idea what to do, but only a few seconds later was I rescued by a homeless man who kindly picked the dead pigeon up and threw it away in the trash bin. It was sad, but I was destined to finish this amazing slice of cheese pizza - I couldn’t let it ruin my appetite, which it didn’t.

So far my journey has consisted of a ton of great food, delicious pizza, lots of migraines, and a cold breeze that sweeps throughout the city. I’m glad that I packed every cardigan and scarf that I own because I’m utilizing every bit of them. I may even need to buy a winter jacket. I remember the bay area being chilly, but not in August.

Graduate classes begin in two weeks, and it will be the first time I student teach a college class, so it will definitely be different, yet a great learning experience all at the same time. I took a stroll through campus the last few days and it’s absolutely beautiful, from the large, old trees, to the amazing, unique flowers that swarm the campus.

As my journey plays out, I am taking each day one at a time, and walking slowly so that I do not trip, nor miss anything on this amazing endeavor that I will forever remember.

A university in Denmark has created a circular dorm that will make you incredibly frustrated at the tiny double room where you spent your college years. Bet you didn’t have french windows, balconies, and a bike workshop.

More photos: The College Dorm You Wish You Lived In

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Let It All Go

The trick to moving on is letting things go. Many people have difficulty doing this, me being one of them, yet it is the utmost important thing when trying to move on and go into the future. We hear that we are suppose to think warmly of the past, live in the moment, and have realistic goals/view of the future. I’m not necessarily on board with people having to think ‘warmly’ of the past to be able to live a happy, and positive life. The key is moving on, and when moving on, letting things go that upset you, or cause distress on your life.

From my own experiences, I found that when I held onto things from the past that were upsetting me it made my life more miserable, and left me feeling drained and gloomy. I do not have the answers to how people can let things go, we each move on in our own way, but there are many facilities and hobbies that can change your life completely. Who would have ever thought that horse therapy would cure depression and suicidality.

Many changes have passed through my life and caused an uproar of explosion, yet through all the rubble and dust, I wiped away the clutter from windshield and moved forward toward the path that I saw for myself.

Changes happen daily, and in about a week I will be off to begin my journey through graduate school, and hopefully end up changing someone’s life for the better. This posting may be parallel with how I am feeling about leaving behind friends and family, I’m not directly saying they held me back, but a few of them I could deal without. I’ve read that who you surround yourself around, you become, or you equal out to the amount of the people you hangout with. I want to surround myself around positive people, who will in turn help guide me into the next phase of my life, and make it easier to let things go. Socialization is key - any close relationship can help people cope and move on. Talking, expressing emotion, or redirecting the feelings can be very helpful as well.

Just remember, no one is alone. There is always someone out there who has felt the same way you did, or has experienced a similiar situation. We all just have to stick together, lift one another up when down, and realize that we are all emotional beings who are just trying to live a somewhat desirable life.

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Steven Tyler Parts Ways With American Idol

It was doomed to happen. Steven Tyler seemed to always look spaced out on the show. Tyler was an eccentric character that brought charisma and smiles to the show, but he lacked in the ability to guide the Idols through their journey.